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Cryptoot ยท Post encryption to Morgann

This minimalistic tool allows you to easily encrypt messages to me (
Only me has the private key required to decrypt and read your message ๐Ÿ˜Ž
The message is not sent to the server. The magic happens inside your web browser only.

Simply write your message in the field below (keep it short, less than 200 characters or so), click the button to encrypt (takes a couple seconds), and copy-paste the result in your fedipost to me. Safe and easy!

Technical stuff for the nerds

This page is pure HTML, CSS and JS, hosted by myself.
The encryption is done inside the browser, so this means it's as secure as your device (risks are spyware, people peeking over your shoulder in public transport, Google Chrome recording the form data,..). This page is served through a HTTPS connection with certificate signed by Let's Encrypt.

To do encryption, it uses a very neat library: openpgpjs.
Feel free to dig into the source code: all you'd need to reuse the code is to replace my PGP public key by yours (I recommend using EdDSA keypairs over RSA because elliptic curve crypto produces smaller and more robust ciphertext).
Dependencies for this tool are:

Of course you can use my public key with another tool, like gpg: 0x79DCC5E3D80C73C9.